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My Little Pony has been in existence for over 25 years. All ponies have brightly coloured bodies and hair, and usually have a symbol on their rear. Over 2000 ponies have been made so far and the line is still running strong. Over the years, ponies have been through many changes.

My Little Pony was first released in 1982. The colourful ponies of the first generation, or gen1, were popular through the 80's. The ponies were released in all colors of the rainbow and each pony had his or her unique symbol. They lived in a magical land named Dream Valley. Over 600 ponies were released and some with special features like a so-soft fur, dancing ponies, ponies that could move their legs etc. etc. There were Earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi, but also very special ponies as sea ponies or flutter ponies. My Little Pony even had it's very own feature length movie and a TV series. The first line of My Little Pony was discontinued in the early 90's after it had celebrated its 10 year anniversary. It continued for a while longer in Europe but was cancelled in 1995 there as well. In 2007, the first 6 gen1 ponies, and later 6 rainbow ponies, have been re-released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of My Little Pony.

In 1997 the second generation of My Little Pony was released. These ponies were quite different from their ancestors in that they were skinnier and smaller. These ponies lived in the Friendship Gardens (Ponyland in Europe). Even though they were first released in America and Europe, they were soon discontinued on the American continent and only available in Europe were they continued to be quite popular. Over 150 second generation ponies were released before they were discontinued in Europe as well in 2003, in favor of the new, third generation ponies, even though you might find some gen2's here and there still in European toy stores. Gen2 never had its own TV show, though their art has been used on the re-releases of the gen1 TV shows.

The third generation ponies were first released in spring 2003 and resemble the first generation ponies more than the second generation did. The ponies were chubbier and had big, round eyes. They have a magnet in their hoof to activate their playsets and have their symbol on one side of their body only instead of both sides like gen1 and gen2 had. In 6 months Hasbro sold almost four million of these ponies, a nice indication of their popularity. A few special animated shows have been produced and there are plenty of comics and books, along with lots of other merchandise like clothes and stickers, to support their world. They live in Ponyville. Gen3 is currently being sold all over the world. In the years since it's first release, several different pony types have been released like ponies with 3D symbols, unicorns and pegasi, and even some special ponies made for collectors have been released. Nowadays, the main line consists of only 7 ponies, the 'core 7', while only a few collectors ponies aside from these ponies get released.

Should you be interested in gen1 or gen3 ponies, please refer to the links page to find some useful sites with information on gen1 or gen3 ponies.

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