Names: English: Ivy
Dutch: Juweeltje
French: Précieuse
German: Zauberblatt
Spanish: Presumida
Italian: Gemma
Set and year:

Sunny Garden Friends - 1998

Color : Turquoise
Mane and Tail: Mane purple with pink at the front, tail pink
Eye color: Purple with a pink gem
Symbol: Purple poison Ivy, on her left side inside a green leaf
Accessoiries: A yellow basket with a green cover. when you press down the handle a bunch of flowers appear. They come with a large purple butterfly that you can attach to the handle of the basket. They also come with a purple flower comb and dark pink flower-shaped barrettes.
Availability: Worldwide
Variations: Magic Motion Ivy 1997
Beauty Parlor Ivy 1998
Princess Ivy 1999
Magic Motion Ivy 2000
Light Up Ivy 2000
Blue Pearl 2002

Blue Haired Ivy
Comments: She was only available in a set together with Sweet Berry.