Sweet Berry

Names: English: Sweet Berry
Dutch: Framboosje
Italian: Golosina
Set and year:

Sunny Garden Friends - 1998

Color : Purple
Mane and Tail: Mane one part light pink other part dark pink, tail light pink
Eye color: Dark blue with a clear gem
Symbol: Pink heart-shaped berries
Accessoiries: A yellow basket with a green cover, when you press down the handle a bunch of flowers appear. They come with a large purple butterfly that you can attach to the handle of the basket. They also come with a purple flower comb and dark pink flower-shaped barrettes.
Availability: Europe only
Variations: Magic Motion Sweet Berry 1998
Magic Kitchen Sweet Berry 1999
Masquerade Ball princess Sweet Berry 1999
Magic Motion family Sweet Berry 2000
Royal Castle princess Sweet Berry 2000
Changing mane and tail Sweet Berry 2001
Her Majesty Flower 2002
Comments: She was only available in a set together with Ivy.