Light Heart

Names: English: Light Heart
Dutch: Lichthartje
French: Farceur
German: traumherz
Spanish: Corazón
Italian: Gioietta
Set and year:

Sunny Garden Friends 1998

Color : white
Mane and Tail: orange/pink/purple
Eye color: Purple with a purple gem
Symbol: Pink and orange hearts, on the right side this is set in a yellow balloon
Accessoiries: Two birthday cards, two hair clips, two birthday hats, a pie of which you can "light" the candle by lifting the handle on the side, and a purple balloon-comb.
Availability: Europe
Variations: Canopy Bed Light Heart 1997
Lady Light Heart 1999
Magic Motion Family Light Heart 2000
Changing Mane and Tail Light Heart 2001
Wedding Playset Light Heart 2001
White Pearl 2002
Comments: This pony was only available in a set together with Sundance