Clever Clover

Names: English: Clever Clover
Dutch: Klavertje Vier
French: Porte-Bonheur
German: Sonnenklee
Spanish: Rey de la Suerte
Italian: Trifoglina
Set and year:

Secret Surprise Ponies - 1997

Color : Purple
Mane and Tail: Light and dark purple
Eye color: Turquoise with a white gem
Symbol: Turquoise three-leaved clover
Accessoiries: An orange-pink hat with a clover on it and a pair of glasses attached to it, a sticker-sheet with small glittery stickers and a turquoise comb.
Availability: Worldwide
Variations: Royal Wedding Prince Clever Clover 1999
Prince Fauna 2001
Comments: He was the first boy pony, even though he, like all other gen2 boy ponies, looks similar to female ponies.