Satin Splash

Names: English: Satin Splash
Dutch: Fonteintje
Italian: Maghella
Set and year:

Magic Motion Ponies - 1998

Color : Yellow
Mane and Tail: Mane one part pink other part purple, tail a mix of purple and pink
Eye color: Blue with a light blue gem
Symbol: A pink splash of water which kind of looks like a branch with leafs.
Accessoiries: A waterfall which has a green background and see-through blue water. When you turn the blue flower at the bottom, the waterfall will open to reveal a secret hiding place where you can store her accessories. On top of the waterfall is her rainbow (she does not come with a fence like earlier Magic motion ponies), which is pink-yellow-aqua with a yellow fish on it. She comes with two blue rings, one for her and one for you to wear and a blue comb. She is wearing 2 blue earrings.
Availability: Europe only
Variations: Lady Waterfall 2001
Comments: When you move her head she lifts her left leg.