Sky Skimmer

Names: English: Sky Skimmer
Dutch: Vlindertje
French: Papillon
German: Himmelsgleiter
Spanish: Suave Cielo
Italian: Cristallina
Set and year:

Secret Surprise Ponies - 1997

Color : Yellow
Mane and Tail: Pink
Eye color: Pink with a green gem
Symbol: Pink Butterfly
Accessoiries: Four turquoise rings, two of which have barbed tape, two butterflies with barbed tape to their backs so you can attach them to the two rings, and a pink comb.
Availability: Worldwide
Variations: Lady Sky Skimmer 1999
Masquarade Ball Lady Sky Skimmer 1999
Easter Sky Skimmer 1999
Wedding Carriage Sky Skimmer 2000
Changing Mane and Tail Sky Skimmer 2001
Pony School Sky Skimmer 2002
Magic Butterfly 2002