Names: English: Sundance
Dutch: Ijdeltuitje
French: Brilliante
German: Sonnentanz
Spanish: SolÚ´a
Italian: Raggio di Sole
Set and year:

Magic Motion Ponies - 1997

Color : Pink
Mane and Tail: Mane purple with yellow at the front, tail purple
Eye color: Blue with a clear gem
Symbol: Yellow sun
Accessoiries: A blue fence, a purple/pink/yellow rainbow with a blue bug on it that can be put on top of the fence, two yellow hairclips, a pink with green vanity and a yellow comb.
Availability: Worldwide
Variations: Birthday Magic Sundance 1998
Rainbow Forest Sundance 1999
Queen Sun Sparkle 1999
Magic Motion Family Sun Sparkle 2000
Changing Mane and Tail Sun Sparkle 2001