Sweet Berry

Names: English: Sweet Berry
Dutch: Framboosje
Italian: Golosina
Set and year:

Magic Motion Ponies - 1998

Color : Purple
Mane and Tail: Mane one part light pink other part dark pink, tail light pink
Eye color: Dark blue with a clear gem
Symbol: Pink heart-shaped berries
Accessoiries: A light-green table with yellow feet which is decorated with yellow flowers. on top of the table you can attach her rainbow which is yellow-light pink-dark pink and has a yellow bird with a pink strawberry on it. She comes with 2 yellow cups, a green plate with white muffins on it and a yellow teapot. Out of the teapot comes a little rainbow when you try to pour tea out of it. She also comes with a yellow comb.
Availability: Europe only
Variations: Basket Surprise Sweet Berry 1998
Magic Kitchen Sweet Berry 1999
Masquerade Ball princess Sweet Berry 1999
Magic Motion family Sweet Berry 2000
Royal Castle princess Sweet Berry 2000
Changing mane and tail Sweet Berry 2001
Her Majesty Flower 2002