Made a teeny tiny update to Study and Play's page

Added a LOT of new pictures, especially in years 2002 and 2003 but also in previous years! Thanks SO much, ladyarcher726!!!

Added a small picture at Glittery Study's page and added some info here and there :)

I created a page for the never released Ivy with tower. Also I've given the Blue Haired Ivy her own page. I created a little page for the cd rom game as well :)

Updated Study and Play's page with pictures. This means my actual collection of gen2 ponies is complete!! I will now focus on merchandise and variations on the site ^-^

Updated 2000 Ivy's page and Click and Nosy's page!

I updated the merchandise section with some other merchandise :)

W00t! Rainbow Forest had it's one year anniversary last week!! I updated the page of Study and Play with a better picture and added a better and more detailed description.

I updated Click and Nosy's page with a nice picture and information.

I dealed with some layout-problems here and there. I added some info on two sets of twins and some info on a Spanish version of the Garden Playcase. Thanks, Lady Moon Shadow, for the pics and info!!! I also, FINALLY, made a checklist! It's on the main page now, but it should get its own place somewhere, soon... Still working on a new layout, btw.

I updated Lady Elegants page with new info and pics! ^-^

Updated Magic Motion Bright Bramley's page with pics and info! ^^

My oh my, I'm sooo sorry for the lack of updates! Anyway, I've updated the site with all beanie pony profiles, thanks Ahrian for the pics!

I did the page for the slide twins, Her Majesty Ballerina and Lady Waterfall, and I added a little extra to the garden playcase which I had forgotten yesterday :)

Finally I have a page up for the garden playcase, with pics and all! Info on 4 more ponies coming soon :)

Did a page for the mansion with lots and LOTS of pics! ^-^

Updated Flash's page with pics and info! :)

I added a bunch of pics of loose ponies in the 2001 section, thanks again Ladyarcher726!! I also completed the guide for the Rainbow Forest playset. Also added 2 more links :)
I am working on layout 2.0 which is gonna be really neat btw! so it might be that I'm updating a little less because of it :)

I did the promotions section, and it's featuring a few things. I also added a nice new link :)

Finally a nice update! I updated Changing mane and tail Light Heart's and Tenderheart's profiles with info and pictures, so those are complete now, Thanks Ladyarcher726, for the pics of them loose!! I also updated the profile of magic motion 2000 Ivy and 1999 MM bright bramley with a pic from an insert.
I made pages for the French gen2 video's, keychains, and the Dutch booklet and the last insert. Expect the booklet and insert page to be finished soon. I'll go working on the promotions section soon, too. Also i will try to create a page with info for the ponies I don't have and that don't have a page yet, like the last play area twins and all.

Finally an update! I did 3 beanies in the merchandise section. expect some updates on that section, the inserts and with the ponies real soon!

I added some MIB/MOC pictures here and there, most of which I got from LadyArcher! Thanks so much! ^-^

Did the rest of the Wednesday afternoon ponies, the purse ponies, the new hair feature ponies, the fantastic job ponies and the boat. This basically means 2003 is done (as I don't have the other ponies yet), which means all the ponies are done o-0 I'll continue with the inserts, merchandise etc.

Did Springly and Springdy...

Well, I've done the dress up ponies of 2003, the bride of Wednesday afternoon, the musical ponies, and the seesaw and tricycle ponies.

2002 is done!! ^-^

Lesse what did I do... fantasy hair ponies, changing mane and tail, rest of majestic and hobby ponies. Now I'm gonna run and turn of my pc cuz a storm is coming o-0

Did the 5 magician ponies, 2 musical ponies, 2 unicorns, 2 majestic ponies, Glittery Skater and Globe Trotter, all in 2002. That's 13 more ponies you can check out ;)

Did the two playsets as I promised yesterday. I also uploaded the 2002 page, however nothing works yet, I'm gonna work on it tomorrow and Saturday I guess.

Done all of 2001 except the twins (which I don't have and don't have any info about actually... anyone?) and the playsets, which I will do tomorrow. Hope to start with 2002 soon!

2000 is done as I finished the twins today!! I also made the page for 2001, however nothing is working yet... gonna work on that tomorrow or Sunday :)

Did all 6 of the mommy and baby sets and the playsets of 2000! I hope I can do the twins tomorrow so that 2000 is almost done :)

Did the princess ponies and secret surprise ponies, the magic motion ponies, the special winter pony and the lady pony from 2000 and I made a start on the last playset of 1999; I still need to do the accessories though. Also added a nice link ^-^

Did the royal lady ponies of 1999 and the last magic motion pony, as well as 2 playsets and the castle friends, which means 1999 is almost done :). I already put the 2000 page up but nothing is working yet... it's coming of course ;)

Done about 50% of 1999! Did secret surprise ponies, 1 Magic motion pony, all princess ponies and special Easter pony. I hope to finish 1999 tomorrow! :)

1998 is done! I did the magic motion ponies this morning :) Also did Seabreeze's page on the mail order section. Gonna start on 1999 later today or tomorrow :)

I updated some 1997 info and I have finished the secret surprise ponies, playsets and special ponies of 1998!

Well, I guess I opened the site, right? lol ;) year 1997 should be working now except for the garden playcase. Also everything in general information should be working :)